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Amber is a PALS certified birth doula and has been serving birthing families since 2011. She is a Hyponobabies Instructor and teaches classes in the Seattle area. Amber is also a NAPS certified Postpartum Doula and has been supporting postpartum families since 2016. 


Amber is a member and volunteer for PALS and a member of NAPS. Amber spent her first six years as a doula Minnesota before moving to the Seattle area to continue working with birthing people.

Ambers' goal is to bring a calm and supportive presence to the new family. She is grateful to have found her passion in life in supporting families through the incredible journey of pregnancy, birth and postpartum. She helps to provide the physical, emotional, and informational support that benefits new families.

Amber's Births and Children!

Amber has had three birth experiences herself; a cesarean, a hospital vbac (vaginal birth after cesarean), and a home waterbirth. Each birth has given her even more love and passion for the birthing process. She has learned and grown through each one and they have helped make her who she is today.