These are testimonials from some of my strong and inspiring clients. Each and every birth I witness holds a special place in my heart and teaches me something new. Every family I support postpartum deepens my love and knowledge for the unique journey of parenthood. Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to share your kind words.

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Posted 1/3/21

I had Amber and Melinda as a team and got to work with Amber for a prenatal and post partum visit. She was so kind and helpful answering all my questions in person and via text. I felt fully supported and listened to and was given lots of resources as well. I would recommend this wonderful team of doulas for your birth! 

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Posted 12/30/20

Amber was a quintessential part of our birthing experience. She is warm, down-to-earth and felt like a part of our family even though we had only met twice before the baby came. My husband and I don't have any family in the US so we were looking for someone to guide us through the birth of our first child like our mums would have if COVID hadn't kept them away. She filled this role and so much more. Our baby came early at 37 weeks and thankfully she was able to be with us through the whole thing. She was incredibly supportive, reminded us of our birth plan and empowered us to advocate for ourselves when needed. If we have another child I will definitely have Amber there with us, I can't imagine doing it without her. 

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Sharon & Paul

Posted 11/4/20

Calm & Confident Doula Care came highly recommended by my nutritionist at the beginning of my 2nd trimester. You may laugh, but my husband and I didn’t know this profession existed till then. And to date, we could not be happier with the decision to hire Amber and her doula partner Melinda as part of our birth team. They are both extremely knowledgeable in pregnancy and birth-related issues. One aspect I absolutely love about them is that they have invaluable information readily available to share, options for us to consider for us to make informed decisions. They were professional, non-judgmental, and supported our decisions throughout the pregnancy and delivery process. I was blessed to have Amber during my labor and delivery of my baby boy. I had a long and arduous labor (36 hours in labor and 2 hours pushing) because my baby was in the OP (sunny side up) position. Amber was by our side and never left for 14 of those long hours. She placed TENS unit on my back and that did wonders to distract me from the excruciating back labor pain. Amber empowered and guided my husband to be part of my birth experience. During pre-labor, she taught my husband different techniques to help alleviate my labor pain. While I was laboring in the hospital bathtub, Amber sat by my side the entire time to allow my husband to take a break before the pushing stage. Amber pampered me, poured warm water on me to keep me warm in the water, fed me popsicles and yogurt when I was thirsty and hungry. She held my hand while I was pushing and helped me get into different birthing positions and we welcomed our son coming out sunny side up to the world. With Amber’s guidance and support, I achieved my dream birth experience of having an unmedicated natural birth. Till this date, we are still in touch with both Amber and Melinda with updates on my baby boy. We highly recommend them to be your doula and lifetime friends.

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Posted 11/3/20

Our doulas Amber and Melinda (through Support My Birth doula services) did a great job in preparing us for all aspects of what to expect physically, emotionally, and practically during our recent pregnancy. They delivered this information in a compassionate, non-judgmental way and were supportive of our decisions rather than attempting to steer us in a certain direction. Their pre- and post-partum home visits were very helpful, especially in this COVID environment, where we were unable to attend in-person classes. Our one-on-one interactions never felt rushed, and they patiently answered all our questions. They were also always available via phone and responded promptly to address any additional concerns. 

Amber was the doula present for our labor and delivery. She checked in constantly in the days leading up to our son’s birth, as my labor started slow and progressed very gradually. As a first time mother, never having experienced the body’s changes during labor, she was able to provide valuable knowledge and helpful recommendations on what to do in the early stages. We chose to deliver at a hospital and she was able to work with us and guide us to go in at the perfect time to be admitted, laboring at home as long as possible.  

Amber provided a calm presence at the hospital and was able to easily adapt and support us as we veered from our initial delivery plan. She was also helpful in getting my husband involved and showing him ways to physically support and comfort me, as well as explain any interventions or plans as our delivery progressed. 

I would 100% recommend Support My Birth doula services and Amber if you’re looking for a positive, well-informed, and supportive birthing experience

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Posted 11/1/20

Amber and her partner, Melinda, were there for me during an unexpectedly difficult birth. It was a long birth, and they both worked hard, taking turns so one of them was always fresh. Amber was in the hospital with me overnight when things went utterly pear shaped. I remember one particular moment at about 2 AM when something like ten nurses and a couple doctors rushed into the room, summoned by some silent alarm. They immediately went to work, but there was no time to stop and tell me what was wrong or what they were doing. But there was Amber, standing at the side of my bed, one hand on my shoulder while she explained to me what she thought was happening and why and what to expect next. It was such a powerful experience to be able to borrow her calm in that moment. Thanks to her, I could think through pain and panic and make important decisions. In a moment that could have been overwhelming, she helped me preserve my agency. Without her help, I think my birthing experience would have been more than just difficult--it would have been traumatic.

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Chloe & Alex

Posted 4/22/20

Amber was the birth doula for our daughter a year ago, and we couldn't have picked a better person to guide us through that experience. She had a wealth of information to share in the prenatal session and shared it in a professional, no judgement way. I ended up going into labor a month early and she was able to get to the hospital quickly in the middle of the night to help out. There was a little bit of time when we thought I would need an emergency c-section (due to an assumed breech position), but we were able to have the unmedicated birth that we had planned. She quickly shifted gears as the birth plan changed. Her support during labor was invaluable, and it was great to have someone additional in the room all the time who knew what was going on and who could help. Her TENS unit was additionally very helpful for the terrible back labor.

We really appreciated everything Amber did and highly recommend her services!

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Dan & Elyse

Posted 4/8/20

Writing reviews is not something we normally do. Amber is worth the exception! When we started the search for a Doula, we set up three interviews with three Doula's. From the first contact it was a different experience. The communication was better, the prompt return of messages to set up the time to meet, the overall professionalism that was present while still being comfortably friendly was without a doubt setting the bar pretty high for what to expect. The decision was easy after meeting with the others as they were not prepared, didn't have the experience or the personality of Amber. The consultations were vital, especially after the birth of our child. Amber was always available for questions and concerns. The questions you will have will be answered with good information, they wont make decisions for you, BUT WILL give you the information to make the right choice for YOU! There is no way I could have been enough support for my wife. Yes this review is from the husbands perspective! During labor Its not just the Mother-to-be that they are taking care of, they are also making sure the husband has everything he needs to be successful in supporting his wife! During labor the focus and experience are proven by the calm nature that is present when she is in the room during one of the most challenging experiences of your life. This is exactly the reason for hiring a Doula, to help you be prepared for the unknown. There is NO DOUBT should anyone bring up the question "do I need a Doula?" My answer is now YES, and it should be Amber. 

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Kaley & Travis

Posted 12/1/19

Amber was a wonderful resource of information prior to the birth of our son, while providing a sense of calm and caring support as we approached the most important transition of our lives. She supported both my husband and I individually as well as together, making sure we both had a space to ask questions, share our feelings, and come to decisions as a team about our birth plan and postpartum readiness. When I went into prodromal labor that lasts nine days and ended with an emergency cesarean delivery, it was clear that my birth plan needed to evolve and I had to be flexible. Amber supported us by advocating for our voice in the decision making process with our care team. She was a light during a very intense time. After our son was born, Amber was dedicated to our physical and emotional healing and well being. Her postpartum visits were especially helpful! I believe that having Amber as our doula gave us the ability to enjoy the journey to parenthood with a feeling of peace and confidence that we may not have had without her. I now encourage friends to seek out a doula because of the wonderfully positive experience we had with Amber! 

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Posted 11/3/19

Amber made all the difference in my ability to have a wonderful birth experience. When I first met with Amber during our prenatal visits, I didn't have a very helpful mindset looking toward labor. My assumptions about how my labor would go were pessimistic, and I felt fearful. Amber encouraged me to dream about what my ideal birth experience would be like and focus my mental energy there as my due date approached. She recommended some wonderful resources to help me get started in doing the mental work necessary to prepare for a great labor and delivery. In the end, I had a birth experience that was beautiful, peaceful, and transformative. Amber's guidance empowered me to have a birth that was far better than anything I could have imagined!

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Little Bird

Deonna & Cole

Posted 5/22/20

Amber (and partner Melinda) were both great. Amber was the one who was at the birth with us. She had the added challenge of not being able to leave the room due to the pandemic but never showed fatigue or frustration and was always super supportive, encouraging and helpful. We were so glad to have her there with us for the birth of our daughter. She was constantly helping with hands-on positioning and massage, and various comfort techniques. She also supported and reassured my husband. We were also very happy with the pre- and post-natal meetings and checkups which taught us a lot about what to expect and what is normal. Both Amber and Melinda are very informative and skilled at what they do. We highly recommend them! 

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Posted 2/17/19

We chose Amber as our doula for the birth of our first son. I was hoping to have an unmedicated birth, but my husband and I were pretty uncertain about the whole process. We met Amber and were drawn to her calming presence and her extensive knowledge and experience. We had also done HypnoBirthing and really liked that Amber had training in a similar approach. Leading up to the labor, our prenatal visits were very helpful in getting to know Amber, learning different strategies/poses to do prenatally and helping to prepare for the first few days at home after baby came.

My labor started strong and quick but after several hours it stalled at 8 cm with my baby sunny side up, and the midwife began pushing for interventions. Amber was invaluable at this point in supporting me and my husband. I was experiencing extreme back labor and she used a TENS unit, which helped tremendously, along with aromatherapy to ease my nausea. As I began to doubt my ability to continue without an epidural, Amber suggested several Spinning Babies techniques to help turn the baby. After a couple rounds moving through these positions during my contractions, my baby flipped and I was soon able to push. We were so grateful that Amber was there—I would not have been able to have the birth that I wanted without her!

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Posted 11/23/18

Amber provided postpartum doula services to me for 2 weeks following the birth of my 2nd child. I was looking for someone to care for my newborn while I spent some time with my toddler or by myself, and to help with housework. Amber did all of that and beyond! She was so engaging with our toddler which was a huge help, my daughter is still asking when she's coming again. I appreciated her being there as a sounding board and source of advice as I navigated the early weeks as a mom of 2 kids. She is such a warm and easy going presence! I think she would provide a great deal of support to any family as a PP doula and be a welcome addition to your home.

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Green Lake


Posted 11/18/18

I would highly recommend Amber as a doula. I wanted a doula to improve my chances of having a natural childbirth. Interviewed 4 doulas before Amber. As soon as my husband and I met her, we knew we need not look further. We felt as instant connection with her and both of us were engaged. Having Amber was invaluable.

Amber strikes a perfect balance in her approach and has a unique ability to sense the needs and wants of her clients. She knows when to engage and at what level. When I went into labor, my husband was actually ill that day so having Amber there was a godsend for my confidence to continue with my birth plan. She has continued to be responsive to my questions about the baby and I greatly value her suggestions and advice. I'm so happy we were able to have Amber as our doula!

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Sunset in the Woods


Posted 10/16/18

My husband and I were both nervous and not very knowledgeable about the childbirth process. Once we met with Amber, we felt reassured and less anxious. She did a wonderful job answering our questions and was always available via e-mail, text, phone call, or in-person meeting whenever we needed her to be. She stood by my family’s side when I began having contractions and worked with me around the clock to ensure I was comfortable. She went the extra mile during the birth of our daughter and postpartum as well. She was a great resource to my in-laws and was always willing to move her schedule around to help my family and I. I would highly recommend her; she’s amazing and has a positive energy that is contagious! Thanks for all you do, Amber!

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Pink Flower


Posted 5/1/19

Amber Hohl was my birth doula for the delivery of my daughter in March 2019. My husband and I do not have family in the area, so having the right doula was a priority for the delivery of our first child. From the initial interview, we knew Amber was the perfect match for us. She has a wealth of experience and a relaxing, pleasant manner. I felt at ease around her immediately and trusted she would be a good person to support me and my husband in my plan to have an unmedicated birth at a birth center. Well, things don’t always go as planned and it was a godsend to have Amber with us for my birth journey.

My 40 hour labor saga started at home and involved a trip to the birth center, a transfer to the hospital, and an emergency cesarean delivery. Amber was at my side for 22 hours through it all... providing me with compassion, familiarity, and endless honey sticks. She checked in with me when I needed to make decisions and helped me process the unexpected twists and turns. She guided my husband during the daunting times of my labor by providing encouragement on how to comfort me, and rest when he needed space. Amber’s presence even remained in my early postpartum days with appreciated check-ins and a listening ear. She was our courage in the hardest of times and our foundation in the best. I am so grateful Amber is a part of my birth story.

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Posted 7/20/18

I would highly recommend Amber as a doula. As a first time mom, I was nervous not knowing what to expect. I’m by nature a researcher and preparer. Even with taking a childbirth course and spending countless hours online, I knew I wanted additional support and coaching pre-pregnancy, on delivery day and postpartum. Having Amber was invaluable. It gave me piece of mind simply knowing I had someone next to me that does this for a living and has experienced so many different births. And it provided me confidence and assurance that she can navigate and guide us through any situation or curve ball we may be faced with. Amber strikes a perfect balance in her approach and has a unique ability to sense the needs and wants of her clients. She knows when to engage and at what level. We couldn’t be happier with choosing her as our doula!

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Posted 6/16/17

I found Amber through a quick google search, she was the only Doula that we met with, but I didn't need to look any further after our first meeting with her. I really liked that Amber had experienced a c-section, birth in a hospital, and a home birth. She was perfect for me as a First Time Mom not knowing what was always happening to my body. She would meet with us but I could also text her with any questions for concerns I had during my pregnancy.

My birth story went nothing like I had thought it would, I wanted an unmedicated birth, my husband to catch the baby and cut the cord. We ended up with 18 hours unmedicated, an epidural and pictocin, and in the end a c-section. Amber was beside us every step of the way in those 30 hours from the moment my water broke to a few hours after she was born. She knew how much I had wanted to do it naturaly and she gave me all the tools and support to do it. We tried everything!

I was also drawn to Amber because she does placenta encapsulation, which was a life saver for me when all of the emotions and hormones hit a few days after my daughters birth and I didn't feel like myself. After one dose I was feeling like myself. Also the fact that she does post partum visits is huge, when you are transitioning from a family of two to three.

I would hire Amber in a heartbeat if we decide to grow our family. She is so knowledgeable, caring, supportive, and amazing at her job. You know when people have found there calling and that is how I felt when working with Amber.

Thank you!

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Posted 5/27/17

I can't even express how grateful my husband and I are to have had the opportunity to share such a special life event with Amber! She was so helpful in our prenatal and postnatal meetings working with us on our birth preferences and helping us to feel as prepared as we could be for labor and delivery. However, nothing makes me more grateful than the help she provided during labor and the birth of our baby girl. She had a very calm approach and provided a lot of options to help make me comfortable. My baby was sunny side up and she encouraged and helped us through spinning babies techniques and we were able to successfully flip my baby girl for an easier less traumatic delivery for both of us! Amber also helps to capture those special moments on camera (if that is your preference) so you can cherish those memories forever.


I also highly recommend working with her on placenta encapsulation. That game me the extra boost of energy I needed postpartum to help through some of the difficult sleepless nights and days. 


I can't say enough about Amber's doula services. It was one of the best, most important investments I made in preparing for the arrival of our little girl. I hope I'm lucky enough to have her at the birth of our next baby someday. Thank you Amber from the bottom of our hearts! 

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Posted 2/8/17

I knew Amber was the best doula for us after our first meeting. She's extremely knowledgeable and has a lot of experience, but it was her calm and reassuring demeanor that really won us over. I knew her personality is exactly what my husband and I needed at the birth of our first child. She was helpful and supportive the entire time: prenatal through post-partum. Amber showed me exercises, gave ideas for laboring techniques, and provided lots of information. During the labor, I felt as if Amber and my husband worked just as hard to deliver the baby as I did! It makes me extremely happy to have had such a strong support team. I can honestly say that without Amber, my birth would not have gone as I planned. She was great at communicating with my midwife and the nurses, so I had (or felt like I had) very little interaction with them. That really helped me out so I could focus on laboring and not worry about anything else. I also chose to have her encapsulate my placenta, and she had the pills ready and dropped off a couple of days later! Having Amber as our doula was the best decision we made, and I highly recommend her!

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Posted 10/15/18

In our first meetup with Amber, my husband and I knew she'd be a great fit for us. Labor and delivery was new to both of us, and our prenatal meetings with Amber made us feel as prepared as possible. It was great to know we were all on the same page and that she was supportive of my plan to have an unmedicated, natural labor. She helped us think about things we hadn't thought of so that we could talk about them in advance. Baby was in no hurry to come out, so I was semi-induced at 42 weeks.

Amber's presence throughout the whole labor was calming and reassuring. She supported me and encouraged my husband as my primary labor partner. The little touches like tealight candles in the dim hospital room and playing the music I wanted made such a difference in the environment. After 35+ hours of labor and 6 hours of pushing, baby's angle proved he just wasn't coming out, so we made the decision to have a C-section. Having her there for that was comforting as well, especially when my husband went over to be with the baby. Surgery was an unexpected outcome, but when Amber visited us a couple times in the early newborn days, she reminded me of my strength and the choices I was able to make throughout labor. And the timeline she kept and printed for us was GOLD. We are both so happy that Amber was with us throughout this experience; can't imagine it without her. 

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Posted 7/5/16

Shortly after finding out I was pregnant, my husband and I quickly decided we wanted a doula as part of our pregnancy and birth process. Through a friend, we found Amber. And let me just say--she is amazing! Amber welcomed my questions (both calls and texts) throughout my pregnancy, and as a first-time mom, I had a lot. She was always open and honest, and provided an objective view in times my husband and I needed it.  This was especially helpful during my very long and slow-moving labor. She was with us every step of the way.  Amber provided us with additional information and offered up alternatives when my husband and I didn't know what to do. Amber was great at suggesting different labor and birthing positions, and really helped guide my husband in what he could do to help me. She was our constant support and helped me maintain the natural birth process I was seeking. We are so thankful for Amber!!

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Posted 7/1/16

Amber was a wonderful resource for us as we went through the pregnancy and birth process for the first time.  We particularly appreciated how she helped us navigate some unexpected circumstances.  She was also there for us during the weeks after the birth, which we really needed.  Looking back, we are so glad that we decided to have a doula and are even more glad that we chose Amber!  We highly recommend her. 

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Posted 4/29/16

Going into my first pregnancy I was totally clueless and not in touch with my body until I met Amber. As I entered my third trimester I was so uncomfortable day after day but Amber gave me so many useful tips to make living in a new body more comfortable and better prepare myself physically and mentally before labor.  My husband was so thankful that we had Amber in the delivery room with us as support during a long 30 hour labor.  When we found out we were pregnant with our second baby my husband immediately said "we need to book Amber now". Whether it's your first pregnancy or fifth pregnancy, we highly recommend Amber. Amber helped us make decisions laying out our options (risks and benefits), she truly is someone we could trust under stressful and confusing times thoughout labor and delivery. 

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Posted 7/11/16

Our first meeting with Amber felt like we had already known each other. She has such a calm and caring presence. I found Amber late into my pregnancy but she was able to get things moving for us and more than willing to be flexible with her services since this was my second natural birth. She listened to all my concerns about my somewhat traumatic hospital experience with my first and was very reassuring and knowledgable about the hospital we had planned to use. Always available to answer any questions I had and provide resources to research to form my own opinions ( she was very professional and unbiased), she was also just there to give me emotional support when I started to worry about anything or was feeling overwhelmed and tired, very encouraging! When I went over my due date she gave me the tools to get things moving and help baby get into the best position and emotional support with every false labor call. When the time finally and things progressed a lot faster than expected she was there right away. Instantly my husband and I felt calm and prepared in her presence, she guided my husband and reminded him of our coping techniques, stayed with me while my husband arranged care for our daughter and she even packed my hospital bag that I thought I'd have time to do! At the hospital she worked with the staff seamlessly to make sure my wishes were met, if she wasn't there I don't believe I would have had the water birth I had always planned! She had essential oils ready when I was nauseous and even took the pictures I had always wanted with my first. Amber and my husband worked together to give me the healing birth experience that I needed! She stayed and made sure we had everything we needed and were fed and taken care of. She took my placenta with her and I didn't have to think or worry about it and she had my capsules before I got home from the hospital. Without a doubt would recommend Amber to every pregnant woman I meet! She's amazing!

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Posted 2/21/16

I can't imagine the birth of my two boys without Amber.  Each experience was beautifully unique; the first, a 36-hour labor after induction at 42 weeks followed by our second son's mere 3-hour labor 3 days ahead of his due date.  Amber's ability to adapt to any situation can only be explained by her strength and confidence in providing the mother-to-be with the most loving environment.  Her genuine support and encouragement not only during the birthing process but both before and after, are why Amber was one of the first people we notified when we found out we were expecting our second.  We highly recommend her and would do so again if we were blessed with a third chiid.  

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Posted 8/5/15

Amber was everything we were looking for in a doula. She is open-minded, Supportive, and gave us the information we needed to make the choices that were right for us leading up to our birth. She gave us great information to help us prepare for the birth of our baby including exercises and foods to eat. 

When our birthing day came Amber was AMAZING! We didn't know what to expect but had asked that she help my husband support me during the birth. Since I wouldn't let my husband get very far from my side, she did exactly that. She reminded him to give me water, offered cold wash clothes, suggested alternate positions and many more things. My husband was extremely thankful she was there to help him know what to do. 

The birth of our son was an amazing experience and Amber was a huge part of the reason why. When the time comes for us to have our next child, we hope Amber will be a part of our birth experience again.

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Posted 6/9/15

Words cannot begin to express the positive experience both my husband and I had while working with Amber. As first time parents we wanted a hospital birth but we wanted a birth that would be as natural as possible. We did not want to be forced into a situation we weren't comfortable with and wanted to make sure our voices would be heard during the process. However, after all of our reading and research there was a large amount of information we did not know. My husband and I knew we were going to need extra support during this process; especially during labor and delivery. We were nervous of the unknown and what was to come but then we found Amber. We both knew from the second we met Amber that she was going to be a great fit for our birthing team. Amber was there for us every step of the way. She was available noon and night to answer any questions or concerns we had. If their was something she couldn't address she pointed us to the person who could. She provided us with advice and reassurance and when it was needed most, comfort. During our home visits, Amber covered everything from excercises to help with discomfort to promoting the well being being of our family once our little one arrived. The night before my labor started, I called Amber in a slight panic as I knew labor would soon be approaching. She reassured me everything would be okay and that my feelings were normal. Once my labor began, she was constantly checking in until it was time to go to the hosipital. During labor and delivery she was the support both my husband and I needed. She reminded me to breathe when I forgot to breathe and she was even their for my husband, who at times needed her supprot as well. She was the one who helped me breast feed my baby for the first time and the first one I talked to when we got home. The best decision we made was having Amber as our doula. She made our first birthing expeirence amazing and unfogettable! 

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Posted 5/10/15

Amber was a wonderful addition to our 2nd daughter's birth. I was planning a TOLAC (attempted VBAC) and wanted as much support, knowledge, and positive energy as I could find. During our prenatal meetings Amber encouraged me and showed me that she had many ideas for helping with the position of my baby, which was a big concern for me since my first daughter was posterior. During my short at-home labor, she was super responsive via text and phone and when she arrived her calm presence, TENS unit, hypnobirthing tracks, and position ideas were a welcome relief for me and my husband. My only regret was not calling her sooner to come to our house! I had several tough contractions while trying to leave the house for the hospital and Amber's physical and emotional assitance were essential. At the hospital, I was suprised to find out I was fully dilated upon arrival and in hindsight know that all the prep work I did during pregnancy, including working with Amber, were what made that possible. 

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Posted 3/8/16

The decision to have Amber attend the birth of our son was an easy one. After our initial meeting, my husband and I both agreed that her calm, caring and genuine traits made her the perfect fit for us - and we were right! As we reflect back on the birth, Amber's presence was key in the great experience we had having a natural birth in the hospital. She helped keep us informed as we needed to make decisions, offered advice to help with pain management and documented the entire process. We highly recommend Amber and hope to have the opportunity to use her doula services again!

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Posted 11/12/14

Amber was an amazing assistant during my long drug free labor. I couldn't imagine doing it without her. She kept in close contact with both myself and my partner while I labored at home. This was great because not only did it ease my anxiety, but eased my partner as well. She helped him really feel like he was an active participant in the whole process. Let's just say we took major advantage of being able to contact her whenever. She met us at the hospital and labor was very intense by then. My contractions were only a couple mins apart. She knew our birth plan and really helped advocate our plan for us. Not only that, she was able to explain things in a manner that made sense to both of us. Amber brought a whole bag full of goodies to drink and snack on. :) It was much appreciated! She was able to massage and use many different techniques to ease my pain. Amber also taught my partner these tricks so he felt involved. Time to push came very quickly and she was prepared to not only coach me, but snap some amazing pictures. With Amber as my doula I was able to have the birth I dreamed of. I was able to labor at home for most and then make it to the hospital to then deliver without drugs. She will definitely be a part of any future babies! 

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Madie Gal

Posted 11/5/14

I had Amber as my doula at both of my births and she was wonderful!! She was a calming presence who knew just what I needed without even having to ask. Even during my pregnancies she was a wonderful support system to have (as well as very knowledgeable). Having her there at the birth took so much stress off of my husband and I and we could just concentrate on each other and bringing our baby into the world. She is a true advocate for YOU in those sometimes crazy moments of labor. She's awesome and, thanks to her, I had much better birth experiences than I otherwise would have!

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Posted 10/22/14

Amber is simply amazing.  She made me confident for both of my births.  She is calming, soothing, kind, knowledgeable, patient, caring, strong, thoughtful, proactive, smart, and so much more.  I wouldn't do a birth without Amber!

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Posted 10/22/14

Amber is amazing!! She assisted my wife and me with both our sons! Joseph and Theodore are 17 months apart. The whole experience was better with Amber there. She was kind, caring, thoughtful, and very knowledgeable. I highly recommend Amber!!!!

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Posted 4/10/11

I went to a Dr who specializes in high risk births. After birth, he said Amber was one of the best doulas he's seen. The nurse agreed wholeheartedly.
We hired Amber Hohl for our 3rd birth. We didn't have a doula for our 1st & 2nd births & wish we would have.
As hard as my husband tried to help me the 1st two births, he just wasn't intuitive like I needed him to be. We were trying for a vaginal birth after csection (VBAC) & wanted extra support.
Amber provided the following:
* prenatal appt - discuss expectations, tips, answer questions 
* helped with hypnosis birthing 
* helped write a birth plan & asked if we wanted to veer from it when dr's/nurses suggested something not on plan
* helped make list of questions to discuss with Dr so I understood my situation & Dr's policies
* Tricks to help with strong back labor 
* Made sure BOTH my husband & I had what we needed, like drinks, breaks
* Took pics or asked when photo ops arose
* Told Dr's & nurses to wait until my contraction was done before checking my vitals or my progress
* Made sure husband participated as much as possible, & she stood back letting us work together. It was about us, not her, & she made that very natural. Gave husband confidence to participate
* Nurses & dr's forget we are modest. Covered me when possible
* Listened to Dr discuss my progress & changed the comfort techniques accordingly. That was important - I was unable to express my needs.
* Stayed as long as needed after baby born.
* Followed up after we got home to help with breastfeeding resources, postpartum discomforts, & baby questions.
* Met & discussed how it went & answered questions.
We couldn't have done it without her. We are forever grateful to Amber!

Water Ripple
Image by Deniz Altindas


Posted 2/25/15

I would 100% recommend Amber to anybody who is looking for a doula who is knowledgeable, caring and respectful. Amber isn't "crunchy" and never tried to push any ideas/approaches etc. on us, but always made sure we understood the facts, our choices and could focus on what was really important to us. The hospital staff and my Dr. were all incredibly impressed with her. We wouldn't have needed to go to our birthing class if we had met Amber earlier. She was available to us throughout our whole pregnancy and helped us navigate our birthplan, hospital prep and labor in a very thoughtful manner. Her TENS machine was critical to helping me work through my natural labor and I highly recommend it. My husband also has nothing but great things to say about Amber and appreciated that her support enabled him to be an even better partner to me during the birth of our son. She really does SUPPORT your birth, whatever that means to you and if we have another child, I will certainly be calling Amber and asking her to support us again.